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People First Future
In his historic run for president in 2020, former HUD Secretary Julián Castro outlined a vision for America where everyone counts, where the most vulnerable Americans are fought for, and where people are our first priority.

People First Future will help build a nationwide bench of bold, progressive leaders that will change the face of our politics. We will endorse and support People First Candidates whose campaigns are fighting for those who need a voice.
Critical Endorsement!
Current Salt Lake City School District Board of Education Member for Precinct 1
Michelle was appointed on May 2020 to finish the term on December 2020. She is such an amazing leader in Rose Park.

Utah's Multicultural Commission Member -
State of Utah Student Success Director -
College of Mines and Earth Sciences Academic Advisor - Department of Geology & Geophysics, University of Utah
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Run for Something Endorsement
RFS was founded in 2017 and recruits and supports young, diverse progressives for down-ballot races to build a bench for the future .
Endorsements from Youth & Alumni 🎓
Joél-Léhi has been one of the most amazing mentors I had the privilege of having! He was the first mentor I ever had. He was one of the most influential supporters who helped me attain a higher education. A role model from my same neighborhood who really showed me there was a way to attain a higher education despite the struggles I faced.
This is why I am endorsing Joél-Léhi for SLC school board because I know he can create change for our communities and support students seeking a way to higher education and support students and their families.
Krystal Bustamante
West High, Class of '17
Rose Park Resident
I am a current West High student and strong believer in the power of youth. I am proud to endorse Joél-Léhi Organista in his campaign to be SLCSD's Precinct 1 Board Member.
I was fortunate enough to meet Joél-Léhi while on a sub-committee for the 68th Annual United Nations Civil Society Conference. Joél-Léhi welcomed me to the UN sub-committee with respect as an equal, something I rarely find in professional settings being minor, and encouraged me to contribute in ways I wouldn't have had the courage to before. His strong beliefs in equality resonate in his character and have inspired me to act in my school and locale.
Precinct 1 needs someone who understands the community's dynamic and educational needs and is willing to advocate for students and educators alike; being a former West High student, avid activist, and inspirational educator, Joél-Léhi is the ideal candidate.
Vishal Jammulapati
Current West High Student, Class of '21
I am excited and proud to endorse Joél-Léhi Organista's campaign. In my time working with him on the Youth Planning Committee of the 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference, I had the opportunity to get to know a passionate, knowledgeable, and inclusive leader. Joél-Léhi's experience and his education equip him to be an excellent advocate for students and all members of the community. He is one of the most proactive people I have ever met. I know that Joél-Léhi will bring all of his skill, knowledge, and effort to the work he does as the SLCSD's Precinct 1 School Board Member.
Tejita Agarwal
Current West High Student, Class of '20
I've known Joél-Léhi my whole time while at West High school. He mentored me and helped me obtain scholarships.
He is an outstanding leader and I think he would be great for the community.
Ashley Mercado
West High, Class of '18
Rose Park Resident
Endorsements from Educators ✏️
Jeremy Reynoso
Kindergarten Teacher in Salt Lake School District
Former Student of Joél-Léhi's University Course
Joél-Léhi is an educator, an active member of the community and a motivated citizen with the right skills to make just decisions. His teachings are not something meant to be believed; they are something you are meant to do - you put them into practice. His leadership holds to a vision of a better future for all.
Tillie Uribe
Educator at Escalante Elementary
National PAEMST Awardee 2010
Teacher Uribe was Joél-Léhi's 1st Grade teacher at Washington Elementary. She knew him when he was still a recent immigrant when he knew little to no English.

"Mr. Organista has always supported equality for all students. He will do what's best for every child and family in his district, and in Salt Lake City School District."
Franz Villate
High School Teacher in Salt Lake School District
Former Student
of Joél-Léhi's University Course
Joél-Léhi represents the new wave of leadership that is needed to meet the changing needs of our district!
Yulliana Novoa
West High Teacher in Salt Lake School District
I endorse Joél-Léhi because he cares about underrepresented communities.
Christina Andino
MSW, CSW, School Social Worker
Educator, alumnus, community leader, and entrepreneur are all the things Joél-Léhi has accomplished since he and I graduated from the same class at Northwest Middle and West High School. As a youth, he was an eager and passionate community leader, and he continues his advocacy work today. Joél-Léhi values youth/student voice and hopes to create District-wide Youth/Student Councils. As an advocate and School Social Worker, I know that experience is expertise. Creating space for diverse student leaders at the table is critical to impacting systemic and generalized change. I believe Joél-Léhi Organista will continue to support community members and create transformative change for the rising generations.
Endorsements from Community Leaders 📢
Joseph Arrington
Joél-Léhi is a thought leader who genuinely cares about the people he serves. His unique ability to apply academic knowledge to real-world scenarios makes him a powerful influencer. Anyone serving alongside would be blessed to be within his leadership.
Daisy Thomas
Utah parent
Joél-Léhi Organista shows an enthusiasm, passion, and drive that will serve the school board well. Over the past four years I have observed Joél-Léhi's commitment and leadership skills develop and hone towards being able to represent his district.
Bryce Williams
I am proud to endorse Joél-Léhi primarily for his attention to issues surrounding equity, diversity, inclusion, and access. Precinct 1 encompasses so many diverse populations of our district and those voices need to be heard an validated. This will be a priority of Joél-Léhi while representing Precinct 1 on the school board.
Bryant Baird
Friend and Neighbor
I've known Joél-Léhi he was in middle school. He has experience and knowledge to advocate and assist the community of Rose Park as a SLCSD board member. He will be attentive to the needs of students, families, and educators.
Feel free to contact me
Joél-Léhi Organista
Candidate for SL School Board, District 1